Friday Night's Entertainment - Naked Swim with Dolphins

When we had to start the engine and drop the sails due to zero wind and 2,0 knots speed some of us took the opportunity to go for a swim. I was the first one to throw myself in the freezing cold water (nowadays the water temperature is "only" around 24° C….) Immediately I got company by a group of dolphins that came rather close. Awesome and they made me quickly forget the unpleasant water temperature. Dolphins weren't the only creatures visible to us tonight, tuna fishes were also jumping around and at a safe distance the deadly Portuguese men of war were bobbing… At a safe distance, hm, at least that was what we thought until we read Harry's text about how long the tentacles can be, 165 feet!!!!! Luckily no one got burned, and since it is not every day you get the chance of taking a bath in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean you have to go for it! Thanks for all greetings to our sat phone, keep them coming, we love them! Have a nice weekend! /First Mate

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  1. peter Says:

    Söta. Delfinerna alltså!

  2. Unknown Says:

    Thanks for a really good week.sail manufacturer