Day 17- The low

Position: N 34° 48' W 054 19' UTC 1700

Nautical miles left: 1254

First of all I want to say a big thank you for all the nice e-mails and text messages I got on my birthday. I appreciated them a lot.

Yesterday was the day when the long expected low arrived. Our first low so far on this Atlantic crossing and the low that we had been preparing for the last days. I am glad to say that we sailed through it safely. Hopefully the bad luck that we have had the last week finally is over. We were expecting winds around 30 knots, high waves and rain. And that is also what we got. Occasionally we had winds up tp 45 knots but they didn't last long. I must admit that the waves got a little bit scary high during the night but Cantare handled the waves great and you soon got used to them. As a safety precaution we had watch in pairs 6 hour at the time. To be honest it was actually quite cosy to have company during your night watch. Me and ´Sofia spent the night singing Christmas carols, gossiping and drinking tea.

This morning we downloaded another big weather file and it looks like we have new lows hitting us every other day for the next week. At least we now know that we can handle them!

Love / Deckhand Emelie

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