Day 6 - It's getting cold!

Brr… you can tell that we are on our way home now… it's getting cold! Each day of our sailing towards east the temperature is decreasing. Now it's only 24 ° C in the water! And during my morning watch from 6-9 a.m. I wear my fleece pants and fleece top, rubber boats and neck warmer. Compared to my previous clothing during morning watches this is like a winter outfit, but still, I get a little cold sitting there in the cockpit.

Otherwise things are going well here onboard Cantare. We have adjusted ourselves into the long sailor life. That is, just relaxing. Being on watch is nowadays hardly any work. I haven't seen another boat around for two days and the windvane is priceless since it does most of the steering. So all I have to do on my watch is to every quarter stick my head up from the book that I'm reading in the cockpit, have a look around for any non likely boats appearing on the horizon, and check so that we are still on track. The 3 hours of my watches passes by fast and then it's 9 hours off again. We take turns in doing the cooking, so every fourth day I get to do the cooking. The meals are served between 4-5 p.m. and during the latest days we have combined it with some SATC watching (Sex And The City). It's really cozy! That's all the routines we have here onboard Cantare, otherwise we eat breakfast and snacks when we feel like it, takes naps every now and then, and enjoy ourselves in any way we prefer.

/Deckhand Catrine (Who prefers to sit in the sun reading good books!)

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