Gothenburg Boat Show

The boat show starts on Saturday, we will be there when they open the doors, both on Saturday and Sunday. I have a long list of things to check out and maybe buy, let's see what we end up with. / Captain Ingerup

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ARC2009 Entry List

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ARC2009 - we are committed

Today we have completed and sent the entry form for the ARC2009.
  • If you want to find out more about ARC go to

  • The crew of Soprano has now arrived in the Caribbean and is waiting for the tiny yacht (24 feet) to do the same. We tried to convince them of doing their trip a year later but they couldn't wait. We wish them the best of winds!

/ Captain Ingerup

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One year from now

One year from now this will be everyday life. The sky will be blue, the ocean turquise and the temperature much more comfortable than today. Get the picture? You'll want to be in our flippers.

But right now it is quite cold aboard Cantare. Of course I'm not dressed like this when working with the gearing, but still it is freezing. Today we have completed the windvane mounting. We could use the old bathing ladder, which was center-mounted before, but we had to make new attachment points on one of the windvane's tubes. Sometimes having a father with a mechanical engineering company comes in handy.
/ Captain Ingerup

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So long Christmas

So long Christmas, see you next time in the Caribbean

Christmas holiday is starting to come to an end. I have been working pretty much all the time since I got home from my studies in Germany. But I will not complain, the work is pleasant and very well needed to finance our sailing adventure. Next week I will go back to my apartment in Gothenburg and then a new intense semester will start containing my bachelor thesis, but first and foremost, the countdown of our departure. Before the real semester starts, I hope to have time for some navigational studies, I would like to have a Yacht Master Diploma before we are heading out to sea.

Today we have been updating the homepage and trying to make it as user friendly as possible, trickier than expected, but we managed at last (yeah, it is 01.15 am local time) to create a layout that hopefully will last a while. /First Mate Ivansson

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Testing the Watermaker

My dad has bought an unused but five years old watermaker, a Pur PowerSurvivor 40E, the former owner never installed it. We are going to borrow this for our voyage so I was interested in knowing whether it works or not. In the manual they say it can't be stored for more than a year, hopefully this can be stretched a bit. I went to Ransvik to get some seawater and came home only to find that the watermaker needed 75 liters of water per hour, in the two plastic containers I had no more than 30 liters. I decided to do the cleaning of the membrane with fresh water and then change to seawater. In the end I got enough water to fill the sports bottle, the watermaker produces about 5 liters of fresh water per hour. I tried it with suspishion but it tasted absolutely normal. Great! /Captain Ingerup

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Chistmas holidays

I had hoped to be well into the gearing by now but a lot of things came in between. I moved from Gothenburg when my job finished, so I am back at my parents, a lot closer to the yacht at least. Since I no longer have a steady job I have to grab every opportunity to earn some money which led to me working a lot at my dad's company this Christmas. If you have followed this homepage/blog you have seen the appearance change during the holidays. It took a while to figure out how it would be easiest handled, I hope this is it. This blog can be updated by email which is perfect for us while at sea. We can't afford using the Internet over the satellite phone but we will be able to send and receive emails.

Therefore today was the first yacht day in a long time. We took out the cabin sole to make it easier to check the keel bolts. The B31 has 23 keel bolts so it is a secure construction, unfortunately they didn't use stainless steel washers so we have decided to remove the plastic binding and exchange them. / Captain Ingerup

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