New boat, new blog

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For sale - Cantare

Sadly, after 14 years, it's time to sell Cantare. I would like to keep her but at the same time I hope she can take someone else on a great adventure. The price is 240 000 SEK, if interested call Anders Ingerup: 070-556 71 71.

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New blog

The new blog about Cantare can be found here:

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Selling and buying

Tonight I won an auction on ebay, this AIS receiver for 77£, in Sweden they cost a lot more. Since Emelie now live in England I can buy things that used to be out of reach. I'll send it to her and she will then send it to me, perfect.

Erik and I decided that we wanted an AIS for this summer's trip, since it's likely that we'll experience quite a bit of fog. But at the same time we started to discuss how cold it will be in Scotland. Is it worth it? Going north in the summer, shouldn't we be heading south to the sun? We googled the average temperature and found out that it's about the same as in Gothenburg. Summer in Sweden can be cold. But where can we go then? Netherlands, again? Or Cornwall, to visit Emelie and Alan? I am really looking forward to at least 4 days of continuous sailing, will that be possible if we are going the other way? I want open sea with little traffic and big soft waves (not that I'm so sure that's what the North Sea will bring). Anyway, let's save that decision for later on.

/The Captain

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Working on Cantare

The new blog isn't ready yet so I guess I'll have to continue writing here in the meantime.

Last weekend was the first Cantare weekend in a long time. It felt a bit strange to be back in the cold barn starting all over again preparing her for an adventure. Of course, this time a lot of things are already done, which is really good since I'm studying full time now and trying to write on my book at the same time.

But the best thing this time is that I'm not doing it on my own. Sure, Sofia helped a bit before the West Indies trip, but mainly I was alone doing the work on Cantare while Sofia did the sponsorship hunt and other things that could be done from a distance. Nowadays I have a boyfriend, yes I've become one of the "ordinary" sailing couples, he also loves to sail. I'm still the captain though. Let's see if people we meet will treat me different this time. Anyway, Erik is his name and I'm sure he'll introduce himself in the near future. He is a great organizer, therefore this years work plan is very detailed, time requirement and who-is-doing-what are new features to me. This is what we have done so far:
  • Scraped the bottom (the old anti fouling was thick in same places and falling off)
  • Sanded the bottom
  • Lubricated the DuoGen
  • Took Monitor apart to change parts that are worn (also found a crack that needs to be welded)
  • Disengaged the oven to repair it (you could hear it in the last Atlantic movie)
  • Treated the watermaker with biocide to conserve it
  • Changed engine zinc
Hopefully Cantare will be in the water before my birthday on the 8th of May. At least that's the plan. / Captain Ingerup

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