Farewell Party and Time to Weigh Anchor – three Possibilities to Say Farewell

Very soon it is time to weigh anchor, therefore we invite all of you to celebrate the farewell. Saturday the 11th of July we will have a little farewell mingle in Höganäs Harbor starting at 7 pm. Feel free to drop by at any time after 7 pm! We will serve a little welcome drink and some snacks. Bring your own alcoholic drinks and come celebrate with us!

The next day, Sunday the 12th of July is the real farewell day. At 1 pm we plan to weigh anchor, so be there little earlier in order to get a farewell hug (or kiss for those who wish..)

After leaving Höganäs we are heading for our second home, Gothenburg, where we will arrive sometime during the beginning of week 29. We will stay for two nights in the middle of the city at Lilla Bommen Guest Harbor. Lilla Bommen is situated in the city centre between the opera house and the hotel and restaurant Barken Viking, just a few minutes walk to the main street Kungsportsavenyn. So all of our dear Gothenburg friends who are in town, you are more than welcome to stop by Lilla Bommen!


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Do You want to Support the Sailing Cantare Project?

Since the Sailing Cantare project is very expensive, we are looking for sponsors. We are open to any suggestions leading to a cooperation, do not hesitate to contact us:
sofiaivansson@yahoo.se or mariaingerup@hotmail.com

What are the main costs in a project like this? Among others, there are heavy expenses on sails, insurances, fuel, liferaft, wind and water generator, EPIRB, GPSs, life jackets, satellite phone, watermaker, windvane…

We are thankful for all support, if You spontaneously would like to support our project Sailing Cantare has a bank account at Sparbanken Gripen:
Clearing number 9330
Account number 6250308126

If You are a customer at a bank outside Sweden and would like to support us, please use the following information:
To:BENEFICIARY'S BANK NAME: SPARBANKEN GRIPEN, SE-26222 ÄNGELHOLM SWEDEN BIC ADDRESS: GRIPSES1In favor of: Beneficiary's name, address, Bank code: 9330 and IBAN SE64 9330 0000 0062 5030 8126

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Cantare on the Radio every Friday at 9 am

While working on the boat in the harbor today, Johan Pettersson from Radio P4 Kristianstad, the guy who visited us for breakfast and made a radio interview a couple of weeks ago, called and said that they want us to be part of the morning programme once a week. Every Friday around 9 am Radio P4 will call us (our satellite phone) and talk to us live on the show. This is great, every Friday you will get a live update of the life onboard Cantare. So don't forget to turn on the radio and listen to us every Friday, starting the 3rd of July! Have a nice weekend!

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Dinghy leaks

Today Sofia has helped me all day long. We started with leak searching. I stroke soap on the dinghy and Sofia tried to spot the bubbles. There were way to many bubbles on the wrong places where it's hard to repair the leaks. So now we have to decide whether to patch it up and see how long it works or buy a new better dinghy. Anyone who wants to support us with 7000 SEK? Or maybe has a new handy dinghy to give us?

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The Rig

At the moment we are working on the rig. New cables, new navigation lights, a tri-colour in the top, a SeaMe antenna and a new VHF antenna. I have also attached orange florescent tape at the top. The tape makes it easier for other yachts to spot Cantare whilst at sea. It also makes it so much easier to find her in a crowded harbour. Great in the evenings if you forget where you moored.

/The Captain

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She floats!

No leaks, the engine started and the sun was shining. Perfect! We now know that Cantare has a displacement of 4300 kg without the rig, food and personal stuff. Just a "little" heavier than a normal B31... How can she be so much heavier, I mean no shoes or make-up added yet. I have updated the map with our new position. Pictures from the launching can be found on the left, under the title "Pictures", click on the picture and you will get redirected to the album with all of the pictures taken today.

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The weight?

About 3500 kg, that's what a B31 is supposed to weigh. The display says 10710 kg, a bit too much. But we have to subtract the weight of the trolley and the tractor. First though, we have to launch Cantare. I'm off to the harbour in Höganäs, where Sofia and Emelie will join. Dad's already on his way with Cantare. I hope it doesn't rain.

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The Launching of Cantare

Finally, today at 13.00 Cantare we'll be launched! Keep your fingers crossed folks so she wont sink, she's been putting on some weight lately...:-)

//First Mate

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Would you like a pill?

Pills for one year, mind you, this is the Captain's ration. Sofia will bring almost as many boxes.

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Helping hands

Today we finished the waxing, and painted one layer of antifouling, one more to go. The weather was pleasant, although a bit windy, the rags kept blowing away. Sofia's brother joined us today and did a very good job waxing the yacht. She is now very clean and shining on the outside, still some work left on the inside. / Captain Ingerup

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Taking care of the outside

We have now set our launching date, next Thursday it's time to see if she still floats, despite all our new heavy equipment. But we will not raise the mast until later, because we want to know the weight of Cantare before we dimension the new rig wires. I wonder how much heavier she is? Setting a date for the launching has sped up our work and the keel is now blasted and painted five times. Today the girls came over for some washing and waxing. It was rather cold and wet as the rain kept drizzling. Since the promised sun didn't turn up until late afternoon we got time for making emergency lists, lists of what to do if someone falls overboard, if there is a fire and situations like that. We also made a preliminary watch keeping list for the Atlantic passage. When the sun turned up Emelie had to leave, but Sofia helped me wax for a while. We didn't finish and I saved the rest of the waxing for tomorrow when both Emelie and Sofia will come back. I ended the day with taping the new waterline with the help of an auto-levelling laser. We have decided to make a new line higher up on the hull since our draft probably has increased. Tomorrow I will apply antifouling. / Captain Ingerup

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One Month until we weigh anchor...exciting..

Today, it is the 12th of June, that is, it is merely one month until the big adventure begins. However, there is still much more that needs to be taken care of, consequently, it is bed time. But before that I would like to express how fun it is that the media have emphasized our journey. The other day, an article about the adventure was published in a local newspaper called Lokaldelen. And this up coming week, the paper Praktiskt Båtägande will show up in stores, containing an article about the preparations made on Cantare and tips on how to rearm and prepare a boat for a whole year of sailing.

Sleep Tight!

//First Mate Ivansson

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Sailing Cantare in the Daily Evening Paper Kvällsposten

Today the daily evening paper "Kvällsposten" published an article about our adventure. You can read the full story here. //First Mate

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Cantare in the sunshine

She is out in the sun, it feels so much better to have her outside. Now we are not that far away from launching. Today we had breakfast in Cantare together with Johan Petterson from P4 Kristianstad. If you missed it you can find it on their homepage, or click on this links to listen again; first part, second part, last part.

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Sailing Cantare on the Radio on Monday at 7.40 am

Do not foreget to turn on the radio tomorrow morning. At 7.40 am, Sailing Cantare will be on "Sveriges Radio P4 Kristianstad". The radio will visit us for breakfast on the boat.

Frequencies for SR Kristianstad:
Kristianstad: 101,4
Båstad: 102,6
Ängelholm: 103,6
Simrishamn: 102,7

You can also listen online at http://www.sr.se/Kristianstad/

//First Mate Ivansson

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Electrical installations ready...soon

Almost all cables are connected now. The inside of the yacht is fine, just some gas monitoring cables left and night light in the bathroom. All cables running between the engine and the panel in the cockpit are also attached, although it might look like a mess to you it's a great improvement, and I've done it all by myself. Hopefully I will remember how the cables goes, if not I'm going to mark them with numbers and make a list. What's left is the cockpit instruments cables, maybe I will finish them tomorrow. Changing all cables in the yacht and some of the panels has taken much more time than expected, I'm glad to see the end of it! / The Captain

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Bachelor Thesis almost finished...

"The Interaction between Health Promotion Providers and their Users - A Study of Nine Swedish Companies" that is the title of the thesis I have been working on for 10 weeks with my dear thesis partner Elin. Deadline was last Friday, at 00.00, we managed to finish at 11.51 pm, just in time=) All right, I admit, it was little stressful the last couple of hours, hence proofreading is a little more time consuming than expected. Me and Elin had planned on finish up at around 7 pm so w could open the champagne and celebrate. The celebration was postponed until midnight, however, the champagne and the belonging shrimps tasted even more wonderfully my then! Nevertheless, it's ain't over yet...

Today we had our opposition and presentation. Another thesis opposed on our thesis and then we had to do one major opposition and two minor. Everything went great! We did not get that much harsh criticism. Anyhow, we still have to make some minor corrections, it hopefully wont take that much time. Now it's only about waiting for our PhD to grade, and then, hopefully, we will have a Bachelor of Science Degree...
Now I can really focus on the up coming adventure! Today it is 37 days left until take off!
At the moment I am packing, leaving for Skåne tonight. My Sis will graduate from Highschool tomorrow and then it's mostly bank job and boat job on the schedule.
Over and Out
//First Mate Ivansson

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Waterproof camera

My new camera has arrived. I got some money in birthday present and this is what became of it. It's a Olympus Though-8000, waterproof to 10 meters, crushproof to 100 kg and shockproof to 2 meters. I had to try it and since we don't have a tub I did it in a vase. It worked fine, but I'm longing for the possibility to try it while snorkeling. Sofia has yet to decide what kind of camera to buy, she is thinking of a camera that works as a camcorder as well. Then we could make a small movie of our adventure, wouldn't that be fun? / Captain Ingerup

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