Waterproof camera

My new camera has arrived. I got some money in birthday present and this is what became of it. It's a Olympus Though-8000, waterproof to 10 meters, crushproof to 100 kg and shockproof to 2 meters. I had to try it and since we don't have a tub I did it in a vase. It worked fine, but I'm longing for the possibility to try it while snorkeling. Sofia has yet to decide what kind of camera to buy, she is thinking of a camera that works as a camcorder as well. Then we could make a small movie of our adventure, wouldn't that be fun? / Captain Ingerup

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  1. Max 99 Says:

    Good PR for Olympus.
    But i think your test is not correct, because you down your camera with connect data cable.