Sweet Engine

The engine is as old as Cantare, more than 30 years old. It's a Yanmar YSE 12. About 9 years ago my dad took it apart and renovated it thoroughly, since then it has run 667 hours. Because it is difficult and expensive to get it repaired when we are away we decided to take it apart again. We changed all the bearings and seals, degreased and washed the parts and changed some of the exhaust parts. Now I understand how it works and if anything malfunctions I might have a chance to repair it myself. When we took the engine out we discovered some rust on the top, a leak from above, now fixed, was the cause. Therefor we sent the engine to blasting and repainting. It came back looking as good as new. To get it in and out of the yacht was difficult, we had to unmount some of the protruding parts and take it really slow, but finally it's back in place. Too bad it takes up a lot of space, imagine how many shoes and dresses we could have stored there. / The Captain

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