The last few days have not been too productive. When Sofia was to change the rubber parts in the waste pump she discovered that one of the new parts didn't fit. We had bought two spare kits but the part was wrong in both of them. It seems to be a problem with all of the spare kits in Sweden. Since the replacement probably wouldn't arrive in time we decided to buy a new pump instead. The new one arrived and we were to install it last evening. But we discovered that the new one and the old one are not totally alike. They look the same from the top and the name and mark is right. The problem is the position of the handle socket which makes it impossible to use the pump without thorough rebuilding.

We have bought two new sets of fuel filters to go with our two new fuel pumps. This is because we have decided on two parallel systems with one as a permanent mounted spare, ready to use if the other fails. Dad did a custom-made mounting plate that we attached to the upper diesel tank. Then we did a test run to make sure that everything worked. But it didn't, after a short while diesel started to drop down from above. We tried to localize the leak, but we couldn't, until we took the whole construction down again. We tried it again outside the boat to have a better view. The problem was a crack in the casting of the upper part, we couldn't see it with our eyes but diesel kept trickle out. The worst part, the same problem occurred to the other pair of filters. Two new ones are ordered.
/ The Captain

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Jag blir så impad av dig Maria...Min lilla mekaniker! Keep up the good work, så får vi prata mer i dagarna! puss puss Cissi