My Birthday

A few month ago two friends from Gothenburg and I decided to go sailing on my 25th birthday. Since Cantare is still on land that was not possible. But we decided to sleep in her anyway and I invited some more friends for dinner. We had a lovely evening! I got really nice presents as well, new fishing gear, games to play if it gets boring crossing the Atlantic, a night out with the girls, a treat at a local Spa and more.

The girls from Gothenburg and I spend the Saturday in Helsingborg, strolling about, drinking tea and buying strawberries. I realized how much I will miss them, hopefully they will come and visit us in the Caribbean.

On Sunday it was time for dinner with my relatives. It was nice seeing them again, and we had a very pleasant afternoon. They had a lot of questions about the trip. I showed them our new Spinlock Deckvests, at the same time my sister got to test it. My grandma still doesn't approve of the voyage, but she has kind of agreed to fly down to Las Palmas and visit us in November, before the big jump.

/The old and wise Captain

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  1. First Mate Says:

    Haha, jaså du har blivit klok och vis nu Maria, det låter bra, lagom innan avfärd:-)