Flying to Oslo - a true sailor's reuion

I'm at Arlanda airport in gate 9 waiting for the delayed flight to Oslo. The flight is scheduled to 21.00 but delayed until 21.15, as long as I get there tomorrow I'm satisfyed. Tomorrow the family onboard the X-yacht Odin will have q reuinon party at their house in Oslo. I'm so excited, can't wait to see all sailors again, I miss my sailing family terribly! Now I think it is time to board...:-) Have q very nice weekend! Love First Mate Sofia

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The Atlantic Movie 2

Finally it's here, the second movie! Those of you who came to Höganäs when we returned have already seen it, but for the rest of you it's new. It isn't as good as the first one, because I did this one during our short sail from Helsingör to Höganäs. I had hoped to be able to make a better version later on, but time flies so I've decided to publish it as it is. Enjoy! / Captain Maria

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The satellite phone now lives on S/Y Wind

Today I've sold our satellite phone to the crew on S/Y Wind. Six friends from Gothenburg are doing the same trip as we did on a 47 foot yacht. They have a blog in Swedish which you find here: As a good luck gift I've given them our fishing hook, let's see if they can beet our 1.05 meter long Dorado. Fair winds to S/Y Wind who leaves next Wednesday!
/The Captain (the Atlantic movie 2 will soon be uploaded)

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Have a nice weekend!

First Mate who is missing the sailing life extremely much would just like to wish you all a very nice weekend! Since we arrived home in Sweden my life has been very busy, my life has been far, far away from the sailing manjaña manjaña life I have lived this very last year. However, even though I miss the sailing life very much I wont complain, I do love the busy life at home too! Promise more updates when I have the opportunity! Over and Out! /First Mate Sofia

PS, If you would like to look at a picture of the three very happy sailors who won a prize in The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers for "very good accounts of life at sea", click here.

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Feminist anchor

My planed feminist anchor tattoo never happened. To some peoples delight I decided against it in the end. When the tattoo drawer in Falmouth made a worse drawing than my 3-minutes sketch, and he took at least fifteen minutes to do it, my resolution disappeared. I'll save it until I've rounded Cape Horn or sailed around the world and for now I'm satisfied with my own homemade pendants, they turned out quite nice. / The Captain

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