Sweet Engine

The engine is as old as Cantare, more than 30 years old. It's a Yanmar YSE 12. About 9 years ago my dad took it apart and renovated it thoroughly, since then it has run 667 hours. Because it is difficult and expensive to get it repaired when we are away we decided to take it apart again. We changed all the bearings and seals, degreased and washed the parts and changed some of the exhaust parts. Now I understand how it works and if anything malfunctions I might have a chance to repair it myself. When we took the engine out we discovered some rust on the top, a leak from above, now fixed, was the cause. Therefor we sent the engine to blasting and repainting. It came back looking as good as new. To get it in and out of the yacht was difficult, we had to unmount some of the protruding parts and take it really slow, but finally it's back in place. Too bad it takes up a lot of space, imagine how many shoes and dresses we could have stored there. / The Captain

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Sailing Cantare in The Daily Local Paper HD/NST

Those of you living in the north western Skåne could enjoy a sailing article at the early morning coffee. The local paper HD published an article about our adventure this morning. For those of you not living in the north western area of Skåne, like myself for the moment, the article ca be found on their web page, CLICK HERE TO READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE

//First Mate Ivansson

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Last tank in place

We solved the problem with the waste pump, the new top fitted on the old bottom. Yesterday I installed the pump and the new hoses. The new marine grade stainless steel waste tank was mounted a few days earlier. The old one was about 8 years old and had small holes in it, that's what happens to stainless steel if it isn't marine grade and kept in

seawater. Now all tanks are in place. I had to make a new wall to fit between the diesel tank below the cockpit floor and the engine room. I tore the old one out in parts to be able to insert the tank. The wall is ready and isolation has been added. When that was done we fitted the last through-hull fitting, the main cockpit drain. / The Captain

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Second diesel tank

The new fuel filters arrived and this time we tried them for several hours before we installed them. In the left picture you can see them in front of the second diesel tank. The aluminium box to the right is for our LPG bottles. As you can see the tank and the new LPG box are designed to fit tight together. We can now bring twice as much gas and 15 liters more diesel in less space than before. The right picture shows how little of the diesel tank you can see from the cockpit, most of it is hidden behind the back support. This space was unused before and the new solution has left more storage space. But it was tricky to get all the parts in place and it took way too much time. Today we have less than 50 days left before our departure, I am going to set my alarm earlier next week.
/Captain Ingerup

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Cantare top

I have designed and made four tops with the Cantare logo and our homepage address. Deckhand Emelie and I tried them out today while we were interviewed by a local paper. / The Captain

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Route changes

We have decided to skip Norway, Scotland and Ireland on our southward journey. Both to save time and to save those destinations for a later trip. The map of our route is updated and you can check it out under The Route.

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The last few days have not been too productive. When Sofia was to change the rubber parts in the waste pump she discovered that one of the new parts didn't fit. We had bought two spare kits but the part was wrong in both of them. It seems to be a problem with all of the spare kits in Sweden. Since the replacement probably wouldn't arrive in time we decided to buy a new pump instead. The new one arrived and we were to install it last evening. But we discovered that the new one and the old one are not totally alike. They look the same from the top and the name and mark is right. The problem is the position of the handle socket which makes it impossible to use the pump without thorough rebuilding.

We have bought two new sets of fuel filters to go with our two new fuel pumps. This is because we have decided on two parallel systems with one as a permanent mounted spare, ready to use if the other fails. Dad did a custom-made mounting plate that we attached to the upper diesel tank. Then we did a test run to make sure that everything worked. But it didn't, after a short while diesel started to drop down from above. We tried to localize the leak, but we couldn't, until we took the whole construction down again. We tried it again outside the boat to have a better view. The problem was a crack in the casting of the upper part, we couldn't see it with our eyes but diesel kept trickle out. The worst part, the same problem occurred to the other pair of filters. Two new ones are ordered.
/ The Captain

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Writing Bachelor Thesis in the Archipelago of Gothenburg

Yesterday me and my thesis partner Elin travelled to the little island Koster in the northwestern archipelago of Gothenburg. Elin has spent all her summers here at Koster and since we needed to focus on our bachelor thesis in order to manage finishing it on time (deadline is midnight 29th of May), we decided to go here. It is a wonderful place and the archipelago makes me long even more to our adventure... Today it is 60 days left until we departure, crazy but exciting! //First Mate Ivansson

PS!! Today it is another BIG day, it is Deckhand Emelie's 25th Birthday, do not forget to give her your best birthday wishes! DS!!

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My Birthday

A few month ago two friends from Gothenburg and I decided to go sailing on my 25th birthday. Since Cantare is still on land that was not possible. But we decided to sleep in her anyway and I invited some more friends for dinner. We had a lovely evening! I got really nice presents as well, new fishing gear, games to play if it gets boring crossing the Atlantic, a night out with the girls, a treat at a local Spa and more.

The girls from Gothenburg and I spend the Saturday in Helsingborg, strolling about, drinking tea and buying strawberries. I realized how much I will miss them, hopefully they will come and visit us in the Caribbean.

On Sunday it was time for dinner with my relatives. It was nice seeing them again, and we had a very pleasant afternoon. They had a lot of questions about the trip. I showed them our new Spinlock Deckvests, at the same time my sister got to test it. My grandma still doesn't approve of the voyage, but she has kind of agreed to fly down to Las Palmas and visit us in November, before the big jump.

/The old and wise Captain

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The first article about our adventure is published in "Civilekonomen"

A business student crossing the Atlantic Ocean... read the whole article here !!

PS!! Tomorrow is a BIG day, it is the Captain's 25th Birthday, do not forget to give her your best birthday wishes! DS!!

/First Mate Ivansson

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Heading for a Yacht Master Diploma

Finally I managed to get my "förarintyg"! Now the first step towards a Yacht Master Diploma (what we in Sweden call Kustskepparexamen) is taken! Sleep tight! /First Mate Ivansson

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Best Batteries

New batteries installed. We have bought four Optima Blue Top 75 ah gel batteries. Three are for house use and one is going to be used as start battery. I am still working on changing all the cables to tinned marine grade cables and connect them to the new switch panel. It seems to take forever. / Captain Ingerup

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Windlass in place again

The windlass has been serviced, blasted and re-painted with two-component paint. We have also exchanged the 15 kg Breeze anchor for a 16 kg Delta by Lewmar. The 16 kg Delta is recommended for yachts up to 50 ft, and has proven itself as one of the best in various tests I have read. Whereas the Breeze has scored a bit lower, therefor we decided to keep it as a spare. / The Captain

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