Leaving San Diego for Gothenburg and Båtmässan

The yacht show "Båtmässan" in Gothenburg is soon coming up! I will be there talking about our adventure on the 7th and the 12th of February! You'll find more information here and I'll will keep you posted! Now I'm on my way to the airport in San Diego, I'm starting my long flight home, leaving a fantastic work experience and exciting month in the States behind. See you on Båtmässan? Love/ First Mate Sofia

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The Atlantic Movie 3

I know updates are rare nowadays, but to cheer you all up in the cold winter I've decided to publish the last Atlantic movie, from the Azores to Falmouth crossing. This movie was made as a Christmas gift for my dad, you'll probably notice the absence of bikini girls. He claims himself a real Atlantic sailor since this "very" long crossing of 1200 nautical miles. You can be the judge.

This blog will soon change appearance to better suit my coming adventures and updates will then be more frequent again as the progress of making Cantare ready for Scotland begins.

/The Captain

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Happy New Year - about to cross the Atlantic again

This early morning I'm on my way to Copenhagen airport, about to cross the Atlantic Ocean again, this time by plane. It hit me how much faster (hopefully) my journey will be this time. But who knows, traffic on land and in the air is struck hard by the winter. I'm on my way to San Diego, USA. My studies in Stockholm went very well and I was rewarded a month internship there, exciting!!!

Happy New Year to all of you!
Love First Mate Sofia and Captain Maria says hello too, she's skiing up north.

PS!! To all of you interested in hearing more about our adventure, I will be giving two speeches at Båtmässan in Gothenburg in February! More info will follow.

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