The satellite phone now lives on S/Y Wind

Today I've sold our satellite phone to the crew on S/Y Wind. Six friends from Gothenburg are doing the same trip as we did on a 47 foot yacht. They have a blog in Swedish which you find here: As a good luck gift I've given them our fishing hook, let's see if they can beet our 1.05 meter long Dorado. Fair winds to S/Y Wind who leaves next Wednesday!
/The Captain (the Atlantic movie 2 will soon be uploaded)

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  1. Jan Says:

    Vad kul! Då får jag en ny seglingsblogg att följa... Dom har förresten sin avskedsfest nu på lördag (28/8) på Nya Varvet i Gbg klockan 18.00. Kommer någon av Cantares besättning dit?


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