Cantare on the Radio every Friday at 9 am

While working on the boat in the harbor today, Johan Pettersson from Radio P4 Kristianstad, the guy who visited us for breakfast and made a radio interview a couple of weeks ago, called and said that they want us to be part of the morning programme once a week. Every Friday around 9 am Radio P4 will call us (our satellite phone) and talk to us live on the show. This is great, every Friday you will get a live update of the life onboard Cantare. So don't forget to turn on the radio and listen to us every Friday, starting the 3rd of July! Have a nice weekend!

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  1. First Mate Says:

    Maria, I made it...... :-)

  2. Captain Says:

    I like!

  3. Catrine Says:


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Cool! I will try to listen when I have a chance and I will follow you on the blog - you are livinging the dream girls!