Taking care of the outside

We have now set our launching date, next Thursday it's time to see if she still floats, despite all our new heavy equipment. But we will not raise the mast until later, because we want to know the weight of Cantare before we dimension the new rig wires. I wonder how much heavier she is? Setting a date for the launching has sped up our work and the keel is now blasted and painted five times. Today the girls came over for some washing and waxing. It was rather cold and wet as the rain kept drizzling. Since the promised sun didn't turn up until late afternoon we got time for making emergency lists, lists of what to do if someone falls overboard, if there is a fire and situations like that. We also made a preliminary watch keeping list for the Atlantic passage. When the sun turned up Emelie had to leave, but Sofia helped me wax for a while. We didn't finish and I saved the rest of the waxing for tomorrow when both Emelie and Sofia will come back. I ended the day with taping the new waterline with the help of an auto-levelling laser. We have decided to make a new line higher up on the hull since our draft probably has increased. Tomorrow I will apply antifouling. / Captain Ingerup

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