Bachelor Thesis almost finished...

"The Interaction between Health Promotion Providers and their Users - A Study of Nine Swedish Companies" that is the title of the thesis I have been working on for 10 weeks with my dear thesis partner Elin. Deadline was last Friday, at 00.00, we managed to finish at 11.51 pm, just in time=) All right, I admit, it was little stressful the last couple of hours, hence proofreading is a little more time consuming than expected. Me and Elin had planned on finish up at around 7 pm so w could open the champagne and celebrate. The celebration was postponed until midnight, however, the champagne and the belonging shrimps tasted even more wonderfully my then! Nevertheless, it's ain't over yet...

Today we had our opposition and presentation. Another thesis opposed on our thesis and then we had to do one major opposition and two minor. Everything went great! We did not get that much harsh criticism. Anyhow, we still have to make some minor corrections, it hopefully wont take that much time. Now it's only about waiting for our PhD to grade, and then, hopefully, we will have a Bachelor of Science Degree...
Now I can really focus on the up coming adventure! Today it is 37 days left until take off!
At the moment I am packing, leaving for Skåne tonight. My Sis will graduate from Highschool tomorrow and then it's mostly bank job and boat job on the schedule.
Over and Out
//First Mate Ivansson

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  1. The Captain Says:

    Congratulations! Well done! Now awaits cleaning, washing and polishing =)

  2. First Mate Says:

    Thanks love! Haha, sounds fun! Then I don't need to use my brain as much ;) Acutally looking forward to it..:)