Testing the Watermaker

My dad has bought an unused but five years old watermaker, a Pur PowerSurvivor 40E, the former owner never installed it. We are going to borrow this for our voyage so I was interested in knowing whether it works or not. In the manual they say it can't be stored for more than a year, hopefully this can be stretched a bit. I went to Ransvik to get some seawater and came home only to find that the watermaker needed 75 liters of water per hour, in the two plastic containers I had no more than 30 liters. I decided to do the cleaning of the membrane with fresh water and then change to seawater. In the end I got enough water to fill the sports bottle, the watermaker produces about 5 liters of fresh water per hour. I tried it with suspishion but it tasted absolutely normal. Great! /Captain Ingerup

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