Day 26 - "Negerbollar"

Position: N 37° 51' W 036° 50' UTC 1700
Nautical miles left: 391

Today is another gray day on the ocean. Not much is happening and it feels like all we do is sleep and dream of what we are going to do when we get back on land. I'm definitely planning on eating a hole lot of gourmet food! But I shouldn't be complaining because things are going pretty good anyway. The wind vane is doing the steering and although there isn't that much wind we are doing a steady speed of 5 knots. It's pretty warm in the air and during my watch in a few hours I think it will be quite nice to sit in the cockpit and finish of the book that I'm enjoying right now. Maria actually did some cookies earlier called "negerbollar / chokladbollar" (which translated into English perhaps is called "chocolate balls"). They are a easy to make Swedish cookie since you just mix up the ingredients oatmeal, sugar, cacao, water and margarine, and then roll small balls out of the mix. And if you are really lazy you don't even need to do the rolling part, you can just grab a spoon and start digging directly into the mix, which of course it what we did. They were really tasty!


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