Day 22 - Diet for the rest of the time?

Position: N 36° 55' W 043° 40' UTC 2000

Nautical miles left: 721

We just saw another whale! Maria called us all up to the cockpit because she saw a lot of water splashing ahead of us, and shortly thereafter we all saw the whale on our portside! That was cool! And it was really close to us, about 10 meters distance from Cantare maybe.

Another overwhelming thing that has happened to us today is that we have come to realize that we are out of camping gas. This means that from here on after it will only be served cold food onboard Cantare, since we can't use the stove anymore. The second bottle of camping gas that we thought was half full actually turned out to be empty. Which is strange! We used it for a while during our sailing from Bahia de Vita to Varadero but we really thought there would be more of it left. Apparently not though. Emelie went practical and started going through all of our food and sorted it up in different groups: eatable without cooking and not eatable without cooking. Luckily most of it were canned vegetables such as beans, pees, corn and olives so there are actually a lot of it that we can eat easily without heating it up. And we got 3 cans of tuna each! But some of it like the canned sausage I'd rather not eat without cooking so I do hope that we get to the Azores soon. Tomorrow however we have a real good plan! The winds are going to die out by then and therefore we are going to run the engine for a while, and during that time we are going to use our water cooker for boiling water which will hopefully get us some eatable couscous, rice and pasta. Which we then can stash up on for some days so that we get some more food. Splendid, isn't it?! Lets just hope it works. Otherwise I think these last days on Cantare will be a real tough diet for me!

/Deckhand Catrine

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