Day 19 - A Grey Day

Position: N 34° 55' W 050° 43' UTC 1200

Nautical miles left: 1083

Yesterday close to midnight the second low hit us. Emelie and Sofia had 40 knots wind from the SW with gusts of more than 50 knots. Strangely I slept very well in the fore cabin. The best I have in many days, I guess it was because Cantare moves more steady with stronger winds and in the fore cabin you don't get disturbed by watch changes. Emelie woke me up at 3 am, three hours earlier than my watch start. Catrine was due to go on watch and I was to keep her company since it was so windy. The wind had by then dropped to "only" 30 knots, Catrine felt secure in the cockpit and soon told me that I could sleep on the lee bunk in the saloon if I slept without ear plugs. I kept all my clothes on as well as my lifejacket, ready to go out in an instant should Catrine call. When it was time for my watch I stepped out into a grey world. Although the sun supposedly was above the horizon it felt like early dawn, the grey compact clouds diminishing the daylight. A minimum of the headsail was unfurled, still the covered distance had been good during the night. As the wind decreased and settled on 20 knots I unfurled the sail. The grey waves towered behind us and once in a while white spray jumped into the cockpit. I tried to hide behind the spray hood, sometimes I failed and got covered in cold (20 degrees) water, some of it trickling down my neck. From time to time a group of dolphins swam around the boat, playing in the waves. I felt quite good in my little world, happy to be doing nothing while Monitor the wind vane steered. I had awaken Emelie and adjusted the course when the sails started to flutter. I went behind the wheel to get Monitor on course again. It didn't work, as soon as I let go of the wheel Cantare turned. I looked astern and noticed directly that the Monitor rudder was floating on the surface. Sadly it wasn't disengaged but broken. The tube that is broken is a part that's supposed to brake if we collide with something, therefore I have a spare one. But, right now the waves are way too big to allow me to change the tube. I have secured the rudder and we will have to await smoother sea. Hand steering it is, at least for a while. It is a grey day. / The Captain

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hello Cantare Crew!!
    Serious sailing in mid Atlantic!!
    Super voyage, I've following your progress with great enthousiasm...
    All the best getting to AZORES - PORTUGAL!!!
    Good winds!!! (not too much, :) )

    SV "Finisterre"

  2. Stefania / SY Avventura Says:

    Heia Cantare! Dere er kjempeflinke, jenter! Vi følger med og tenker på dere :-)
    Seilerhilsen fra Stefania
    SY Avventura,