Big Changes

We had a lovely dinner on our first night here, lot’s of friends joined us and celebrated our arrival. When they closed the bar we went to the Norwegian yacht Maggie V and had some delicious chicken soup together with cold Caribs that reminded us of what we have left behind and what we have shared. We have all been together on the Atlantic two times and here we were gathered for a last joyful night. Dawn came in no time and it was well after seven in the morning before we returned to Cantare. Two hours later it was time to wake up and move the yacht. We were moored as the fourth boat and the big ship closest to the pontoon was leaving. It was blowing a lot, but with four girls onboard, although all of us were a bit shaky, it went without any problems. Now we are the second yacht tied up to Trollwind another Norwegian yacht that arrived a few hours after us.

We, Maria and Sofia, have a rather big announcement to make. We have decided to split up, from now on Sofia will join the Norwegian yacht Odin and sail with them towards Norway via Ireland and Scotland. Maria will sail Cantare with the help of her father to England and from there on she hopes to get help from friends. Don’t take this the wrong way though. We are still good friends and will finish this adventure together. Sofia will join Cantare again somewhere on the way back. But, right now we need time away from each other. Almost 11 months on tiny Cantare is a long time. We are very different and most of the time that’s what makes us so strong but sometimes, and more frequently the longer we’ve been away, we tend to argue over small and unnecessary things. All though the decision came quite quick we have given it a lot of thought and are both very pleased with the solution. Actually since we took the decision we have stopped argue, both feeling this is the right way. Had we not taken this step who knows how we would feel about each other in the end. We have great respect for each other and the fact that we can solve this without fighting will make us cherish all the good times even more. Sailing is all about changing plans, you never know what will happen, as we’ve told you before. / Captain Maria and First Mate Sofia

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    what happens in harbour stays on net..

  2. Anonymous Says:

    But is there a Sailing Odin blog!? :)

  3. The Captain Says:

    No there isn't, but she will keep on posting here. No worry! / Maria