Departure of Odin

Most of the Norwegian yachts have been here for a while, since there was a weather window today they decided to leave as early as possible. Otherwise they would have had to stay until Tuesday at least. This meant that Sofia had just a little more than 48 hours to get ready for sailing again. She managed one shower but laundry will have to wait until they get to Dublin. Yesterday she packed and moved her things over to Odin and when that was done, Catrine and I went over to Odin to check out her new home and make sure it is a good and secure one. We were very pleased with what we saw and know that Lars, the skipper, is experienced. Sofia has even got her own cabin, with a double bed and a closet big enough to hold almost all of the clothes on Cantare, we were just a tiny bit jealous. In the evening the girls and Alan from Starfire went to a restaurant to eat a last meal together. It was very good, each of us got a warm stone and a plate with raw meat and sea food. You put the raw stuff on the stone and wait for it to get ready, a lovely and nice way to prolong the dinner. We were too full to have desert, although I had planned to have two different ones I had to admit that there was barely place for a small coffee.

Six a clock this morning was the time when Odin, Maggie V and Safari had planned to leave. Of course we went over there to give Sofia a last hug and wave them off. Sofia sent me a really sweet text message from her new bunk during the night, she couldn’t sleep although it was fantastic in her big and warm nice smelling cabin. I will miss her a lot and it was sad to see her sail away, but I know it is for the best. We wish them fair winds and I will keep you updated on Odin’s progress, maybe Sofia will be able to post something on the blog, if not she will tell you all about it when she gets to Dublin.

Emelie is staying at a hotel with Alan, so it’s only Catrine and I on Cantare now. Catrine will stay until the 6th of June two days after the arrival of my dad. Now it is time to explore the island! / The Captain

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