Day 20 - Pringles instead of Champagne

Position: N 36° 16' W 048° 11' UTC 2000

Nautical miles left: 942

It is freezing cold in the saloon! Even I, the most warm-blooded person onboard I think, have started to look for my underpants and skiing socks. And I can't count the times I woke up this early morning with my teeth chattering, shivering of cold. And as you probably already are familiar with the list of things that are breaking down is just getting longer every day. But I will not focus on that, it is what it is and misery is part of the adventure! Instead I will celebrate the fact that I had a wonderful hand steering watch during the afternoon yesterday. Surfing down the waves, sometimes doing 8 knots, that is awesome sailing! Unfortunately the wind had eased a little to my night watch, but instead I was accompanied by splendid stars and playful dolphins. There is another thing I would like to celebrate too, this morning we broke the 1000 line, now we have less than 1000 nautical Miles to the Azores, Hurray, Hurray, Hurray!!! This happening should have been celebrated with champagne but since the fridge is shut down to save power, it would be a waste serving the sparkling drops room temperature. -Why not put the champagne in the freezing cold saloon? I have thought about it too, but in the daytime the sun often comes through making the saloon rather pleasant, We'll celebrate with an old dented box of Pringles instead. Love/FirstMate

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hello brave sailor girls.
    Fantastic to follow you voyage.
    4-5 more days, and you can order cold champagne or draft beer at Peters Bar.
    Skaal !

    Best wishes for a safe journey
    Tom Davidsen