Day 21- Great speed

Position: N 36° 26' W 046° 29' UTC 1200

Nautical miles left: 860

Today we have been out at sea for 21 days. Some days it feels like forever and some days it feels like we just left. After this long the days seem to float together. It gets hard to remember which day of the week it is and what date it is. Luckily we have a calendar, friend and family to remind us. But I must say that with only 850 Nm left, the Azores are finally starting to feel close. Right now I would give a lot for a hot shower, dry and good smelling clothes and a bed in which you don't have to sleep with all our clothes in to keep warm. Soon, very soon that is reality.

The last 24 hours we have had a lot of wind and we have been doing great speed. Me and Sofia did 18 Nm in only 3 hours! Not bad at all. And that was towards the Azores. Now that we don't have a GPS on all the time it is hard to sail in a straight line. We only check GPS every third hour. So sometimes even if we make great speed we don't get as much closer as we thought. I woke up this morning still not dry from last nights flushing waves and my muscles definitively reminded me that I had been hand steering for 3 hours in high waves. But for getting 18 Nm closer it was definitively worth it. And to be honest it is actually quite fun to hand steer when Cantare is surfing down the waves.

Today almost as a reward for last days crappy weather, the sun has finally decided to make an appearance again. It is still cold. But even so I think that an hour or two sitting in the cockpit in just t-shirt and shorts is necessary. To get the slowly fading tan back and to recharge.

Hugs and kisses /Deckhand Emelie

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Well done girls, so far. Eva

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hej tjejer,

    Med fyra "sextanter" ombord bör det ju gå att navigera även om ni blir strömlösa... (Oj - Den var nog dålig). Var försiktiga så ni inte tömmer även startbatteriet. Då får ni problem.

    m.v.h.//Gubben i Nyhamnsläge