Day 18 - Yet another day on the Atlantic

Position: N 035° 00' W 052° 58' UTC 1400

Nautical miles left: 1188

Today is a sunny day and we try to relax and gather our strength as much as we can, preparing for the arriving low that will hit us in the evening. It's strange that the weather can shift so quickly, going from sunny to stormy in just some hours. While the waves are still quite small Maria is going to bake bread. Yummy! Our food supply is getting less exiting for each day that goes by so newly baked bread will be a real treat. A lot of the talks we have nowadays is actually about the topic food. This morning Maria and I were listing food that we want to eat back home in Sweden: avocado, strawberries, smoothies, ham, lasagne, salmon, beefs, apples, potatoes and so on…. Emelie joined in by announcing a menu for a coming party that she has planned for the future. Her menu sounded so delicious that it started to water in my mouth! Apart from dreaming about food I dream a lot of that marvellous day when we will reach the Azores. It's a long way still if you look on the map, approximately 11 days left, but it feels like we are closing in now. And when we get to the Azores we are going to treat ourselves with some nice restaurant dining!

/ The very food loving deckhand Catrine

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