Day 5 - Bugging Seaweed

Position: N 30° 01,7' W 075° 03,4' UTC 2300

Nautical miles left: 2334

It's another ordinary day on the North Atlantic Ocean. The wind has eased little and is now blowing from the south east, a more pleasant direction, making the life onboard way more convenient. We are making fairly good speed and are able to keep the set course towards the Azores. Please, let this last!!! The only thing bugging us at the moment is the seaweed floating on the surface, not only getting stuck in our fishing line, but unfortunately also in our water generator. Loads of seaweed end up in the propeller of the water generator, causing it heavily reducing its power generation. Therefore we have had to stop the boat to get rid of the seaweed and then run the engine a while to charge the batteries. The water generator is crucial for our power generation, we need power especially to run the water maker, being 4 onboard does not only mean less space, also higher water consumption. Of course we can charge the batteries with the engine, and leaving Cuba we had 170 l of fuel, but the diesel can't last forever (we can run the engine for 7 days and nights with the amount fuel we're carrying) and we need the diesel to be able escape potential storms and drive through calm weather. Hopefully, we will soon be off this bugging seaweed area! Until then we are enjoying lazy sailing with the sun shining from a clear blue sky! /First Mate (who wishes the lazy sailing was little faster…:-))

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