Day 10 - Wildlife at the Atlantic

Position: N 33° 02,8' W 066° 49,7' UTC 1845

Nautical miles left: 1876

This morning while we were having breakfast in the cockpit we got some nice company. A group of dolphins, maybe 10 or 15, were swimming around Cantare. It's really fascinating to watch these amazing creatures in their true element and not in an aquarium! (I was a bit against Maria and Sofia's adventure when they were swimming with them in a aquarium on Cuba since I think it's cruel to keep these intelligent animals looked up.) The dolphins kept diving up and down around Cantare, maybe because they were curious about us or maybe because they just thought it was fun. Anyhow I watched and enjoyed for the 5 minutes that it lasted and then all of the sudden they were gone. Maria managed to get a picture of one of the dolphins as you can see below, and she also took a picture of the funny jellyfish called Portuguese man of war which keeps popping up in the water around us. The first time I saw one of them I thought it was some plastic garbage floating around. But then I saw another one, and then another… So finally I realized that it had to be an animal. Looking them up in our fishing book doesn't give any information about them except their name and that they are very dangerous. So I thought that maybe one of our dear readers at home would help us google them!? And if you find some interesting information about them you can send a message about it to our satellite phone! (Not being able to google things during sailing is one thing I really miss.) To top the wildlife studies of for today, Emelie and Sofia also spotted a tuna jumping one and half meter up in the air. So right now Maria is preparing our fishing rod to catch one!

/Deckhand Catrine

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