Day 30 - The last night and day!

Position: N 38° 30' W 028° 49' UTC 1200

Nautical miles left: 11,1

Oh what a night! I had a real good sleep this night and didn't even wake up when the other girls started watching Sex And The City in the saloon. And when the time came for my watch I gladly got up and put on my clothes. Sofia told me that we only had 50 nautical miles left. Wow, that felt like nothing! In the cockpit this night/morning it was really cosy. The wind vane steered perfectly, we were doing a good speed at about 5 knots, it wasn't raining and no unwelcome waves surprised me in the cockpit. What more can a girl ask for on her last night watch?

Maybe a cup of tea. I started boiling some water in the electric kettle but all of a sudden it started smelling like burned plastic and there were some smoke coming from the top of the kettle. Quickly I pulled the cored out of the socket but of course all the girls had already woke up by the bad smell and asked me what was going on. I reassured them that we weren't in any danger and that they should go back to sleep. It smelled awful in the boat but if you should think positive at least it was good timing for the electric kettle to break down now in the end of our Atlantic crossing and not before. And I did get my cup of tea because the water was warm enough for that!

My watch passed by quickly and after it I creped down in a bunk again to work even more on my beauty sleep. I managed to sleep for two hours and then I woke up to the sharp smell of perfume. The smell came from Emelie who was working on her appearance for the arrival and doing some makeup! By now she is all set for a big welcome party at the harbour! Which is coming closer really fast now. It's only 15 nautical miles left, Maria has spotted land and we are listening to Portuguese radio! Our estimated time of arrival is at 12 am and we are hoping on that today's lunch can be eaten ashore.

It feels great and a bit surreal that we finally are closing in on Horta. 30 days onboard Cantare has gone by quickly, at least it feels like it now in the end. All the trouble we have had has at least been manageable and when I in the future will think back on the crossing, I'll only laugh about all of it and have some great memories.


/Deckhand Catrine

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    Really really good. eva

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    Well done!