Day 14 - Whales!

Position: N 34° 54' W 059° 21' UTC 1755

Nautical miles left: 1493

Today when I went on my watch I was welcomed by an excited Maria. She had seen a whale during her watch! All of sudden when she was looking up she saw a big whale just 15 meters ahead of us (but her first thought was that it was a submarine). Maria steered Cantare a bit to the left of it and the whale didn't move until she was alongside it. She think it was a "Spermwhale" and its size was about the same size as Cantare! It's a bit scary that those big animals are lurking around in the Atlantic ocean - especially if they don't move out of the way for Cantare!

After just 15 minutes of my watch I felt that the wind was increasing drastically. I called Maria up again so that we could reef the main sale and take in some of the headsail. Maria checked the wind indicator and guess what it said - 50knots! That's a lot of wind. But my watch went well except from some big waves splashing over me and some cramp in my arm for pressing the steering wheel against the strong winds.

Very soon, maybe tonight, we will have 1450 distance left to the Azores, which means that we have made it half the way there. And it also means that we are changing our watches today and turning the clock two hours forward. So I will take Marias watch from 3-6, she will take 6-9, Emelie will have 9-12 and Sofia will take 12-3. Even though I now will get the worst watch it feels kind of nice. Half the way over the Atlantic is a moment to remember and the champagne is already in the freezer for this special occasion!

/Deckhand Catrine

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Your sail over the Atlantic seem to be much tougher then the last time, rough winds, thunderstorm, big waves and lots of fun with dolphins, whales, man of war, its like heaven & hell. Really fun reading your adventure back home in Sweden. Keep up the good work girls, you are doing really well. Hope the weather won't be to bad in the next few days.
    Have fun... ;o)) //Robin

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Tjena tjejer
    Väntar med spänning på alla kort som ni har tagit.
    Må bäst
    Mvh M

  3. Fredrik Says:

    Har just hittat er blogg efter att ha läst om er i en tidning för ett tag sedan.

    Ni verkar verkligen leva er dröm...och min också. :-) Strongt av er att lösa väder- och vindproblemen. Ser fram emot fortsatt spännande läsning längs ert äventyr!

    Ha det nice och njut av seglatsen!