Time to leave Porto Santo

We have stayed here in Porto Santo way longer than we had planed. Probably because we got into the slow pace of a sailor’s harbour life. One day to meet old friends, one day to clean the yacht, one day to shop for groceries and then a few days to look at and explore the new surroundings. Anyway we are almost done here. One more thing to do though, here in Porto Santo we have met Milo Dahlmann. The first Swedish woman to cross the Atlantic single handed. She’s really cool and I was very happy when I noticed her yacht moored outside the marina. We invited her to Cantare for coffee and cake a few days ago and had a nice afternoon talking about life as a sailor. Today we are going to check out her new steel yacht, Artemisia II. Then it is time to head over to Madeira, we will probably sail to Funchal, which is 40 nm away. / The Captain

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry ,but we was 3 hours late to meet you again.
    INGA ,now at Porto Santos