Foggy take off with the Boat Bunny

Position: N 37° 14' W 09° 29'

I just got up on the boat again after a refreshing bath in the Atlantic ocean, the water temperature is 23° C, that is the highest temperature we have experienced so far! Since it is light air today and we are forced to use the engine, which made a little quick stop-over for bathing easy. As you saw on the picture from yesterday our what-to-do-list before take off to Madeira was rather long, as the work kept us busy pretty much all day and it was getting dark before we where ready to go, we decided to postpone the take off until this morning… Actually, that is not the whole story… Before leaving we had to wait for our new "boat bunny" to arrive. Boat Bunny, whose real name is Marcus, got tired of the tanker he has been travelling on for a while and we promised to take care of him a little while onboard Cantare. And we wont complain about little male company, having a man onboard can, from time to time, be very pleasant. However, our boat bunny has been well introduced to the rules onboard and aware of the fact that Captain Maria is in charge of the boat and First Mate Sofia is her ally. So far, so good, our Boat Bunny has accepted the ranking list, and moreover he has even shown some qualities in the kitchen by cooking tasty dinner today, to our great delight! Boat Bunny is also helping us try out the watch-keeping for the Atlantic crossing, when Deck Hand Emelie will join us. Both me and Maria got a strange feeling this morning when Boat Bunny had the first watch and we where able to get a little nap at the same time. Normally there is always on of us at the wheel, but now we will have a great deal of off-watch, lovely!

Before I will do some baking (better take the good opportunity now when Cantare is not rocking), I will give you some details. We left Sines when it was getting light this morning, around 8 am. Due to fog visibility was poor the first couple of hours, however the fog cleared up. We are heading for Porto Santo, a little island about 30 M north of Madeira. From Sines we had 553 M to Porto Santo, resulting in an ETA on Monday/Tuesday, all depending on how the low outside Madeira develops. /First Mate

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    From: Steve and Gill, Innder Marina, Falmouth (motor boat).

    Hi Sofia and Maria,
    Just been reading about your latest escapades, sounds like great fun. The weather here in Britain is awful, rain, rain and more rain. Don't forget its bad luck to have a bunny on board. English trawlermen won't even use the b word whilst aboard!! (And call them underground chickens.)I guess you have watched Captain Ron by now so should be fully equiped with the skills to complete your voyage to the Caribbean. Don't forget there is a HUGE difference between GOrillas and GUErillas! There is also a useful tip on how to recover your anchor, should you loose it. Suggest you use the underground chicken for this!
    I am sure your English is good enough to decipher this! Good Luck with the next leg of your voyage.
    Love Gill, Steve, Billy and Tom xxxx

  2. Peter Pan Says:

    Hi, girls - what happend to your great concept?
    The idea; no male crew - we girls can do it alone etc.etc. ?? Now you have turned your adventure
    into something ordinary - sail south, when the butter melts turn rigth, when your Boat Bunny hit a palm beach, you are in the Caribbean.
    But thanks alot for your very nice, very informative
    and exiting pages so far, not to forget your many
    fine pictures too.I think its shame you only managed to stick to you plan, to Portugal ;-(
    What is it Marcus Bunny hinting at - knasiga
    sakarne ? Has that got anything to do with your
    chance of plans ?
    I wish you all a pleasant onward trip, and fair winds
    Peter Pan

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