Sweden against Norway: 3-3

On our way to Ihlas Selvagens we started wondering whether the dolphins had left us forever since we hadn't seen any for a very long time. Suddenly, as if they could hear our complaints, a playful herd of 15-20 dolphins appeared in the sunset. The dolphins were swimming around the boat, jumping and making different tricks to our great delight. We got wonderful pictures and movies of the spectacular dolphin show, which we promise to upload as soon as we have proper internet access. Not only did the dolphins bring joy, they also brought little more wind and during the night we made 3-4 knots and yesterday morning around 10 o'clock we arrived in the area open for anchoring outside the nature reserve Ihla Selvagem Grande. In the little bay with room for about five yachts, Escape, Johanna and Time Out were already anchored and joining them did two other yachts, two Swedish yachts! When arriving we couldn't resist laughing little at the fact that here we where, thousands of miles from home outside a little desert island together with Swedish and Norwegian yachts. I mean, what are the odds?! Apparently, we Scandinavian sailors tend to stick to each other. Most funny was the fact that we finally got a draw in the competition, "number of fellow yachts". Sweden against Norway 3-3.

Yesterday afternoon was spent diving and snorkeling. Both Escape and Johanna have dive equipments onboard. While Tom and Kenneth were diving the rest of us were snorkeling and tried to dive as much as we could without the tanks. I borrowed a lead belt of 3 kg to be able to get further down when diving. It didn't only made me see the fishes better, I also got a good exercise. Under the surface of the water there is a magnificent world I am looking forward to discover more during this trip. I have done two discover scuba diving dives in Egypt and I cannot wait to get the license somewhere on the trip, most truly in the Caribbean. In the evening the inseparable boats (Cantare, Time Out, Johanna and Escape) had a nice dinner at Escape´s. cockpit. Having a big boat certainly has its advantages, especially when it comes to hosting many guests.

This morning we were left alone in the windy bay, the Swedish yachts and our friends left early. We were planning on staying longer but swells are making the anchoring little inconvenient and unsafe, so after a little visit on the island we are heading south as well. Next stop will be the Canarian archipelago and more precisely the island La Palma, an island hopefully still unspoilt by the tourists. /First Mate

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  1. Agneta Says:

    Hmmm...och vad är ni? Urinnevånare? Förstår vad du menar Sofia men det blir lite som engelsmannen som åkte till Frankrike "and hope I meet a few tourists while I am abroad". Väntar med spänning på fler härliga bilder. Kram