Leaving Funchal and Madeira

In a few minutes we will leave our berth in the marina, when we have filled our diesel tanks we are off to Ilhas Selvagens, about 160 nm south. The wind is very weak, therefore it will probably take about two days to get there. Then we are staying at the islands for 48 hours, that's as long as our permit is valid. The islands are a nature reserve and bird sanctuary that's way you have to obtain a permit here in Funchal.

The levada walk yesterday was great, pictures will come later. We managed to squeeze in a visit to a Madeira wine cellar after the walk. It was interesting getting the story of how the wine originally got it's taste while traveling back and forth over the Atlantic in the very warm interior of the ships as ballast. The guide told us that the wines can be stored for up to 150 years without loosing it's taste. But after 25 years one should exchange the cork. That gave me an idea, I can store a bottle for 25 years without having to do anything, since I am 25 years old now, it will be perfect for my 50th birthday. I bought two bottles to bring over the Atlantic, like in the old days. / The Captain

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