Time to leave Las Galletas

Our plan was to sail over to Tenerife, spend a last evening with Marcus, and then leave Tenerife the next day. But plans tend to change, and so they did. We are still here, in Las Galletas on Tenerife. We like this little slow village, not that it’s particularly beautiful or interesting. I think the fact that we don’t feel like exploring this island is the reason we have stayed. Here we have had time to relax, hang out with boat friends and think about the things we need to do before the crossing. Most people here in Las Galletas speak some English, but not at all that much as I am used to on the Canaries. Marcus speaks quite good Spanish and made some friends during his last night here. It’s fantastic how much warmer people get if you speak their language. I tried it myself in the fruit store, although my Spanish is very bad I managed to ask the assistant what the song they played at the moment was called. It’s a song we have heard a lot on the radio lately and a few verses starts with the word Cantare, so we have kind of adopted it as our new boat song. The artist is named Amaia Montero and the song is called Te voy a decir una cosa. Anyway, she started to ask me a few things back and I also found out that she had been at the same place as us on Marcus last night here. Now I’m really keen to learn better Spanish, one way to do it is taking Spanish classes in Cuba. Sofia and my sister seems to think that’s a good idea so I think we will stay on Cuba for more than a month. But plans can change! As days have passed by we have come to the decision that La Gomera is too far away, in the wrong direction, so today (I think) we will leave Las Galletas for the bay called Playa de la Terjita on the south-eastern tip of Tenerife.

The movies are from Marcus last night here, we found a bar that was about to close but let us in and locked the door. Marcus talked with the locals and after a while they started to play for us. It was magical! /The Captain

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  1. Hasse B Says:

    Hej Maria och Sofia,
    tusen tack för text och bilder. Sitter nu samlar ihop/skriver för att lägga upp på hamnen.se.
    Ni gör en härlig resa och hela er webb andas skön stämning.
    Hör av mig via mail snart
    Hasse Bauer

  2. Susanne Says:

    Finally up to date!
    Härligt att allt är bra och att ni njuter av alla underbara platser ni kommer till! Ladda nu ordentligt innan det blir Atlanten!
    Kram Susanne