Porto Santo

We have had some different weathers and wind conditions for the last few days and yesterday was no exception. We had no rain but the wind shifted a lot, from almost nothing up to 20 m/s. As we got closer to Porto Santo the waves built up and from looking at the sea chart we were not sure if we would be able to make an safe approach to the relative shallow harbour since we were afraid of braking waves. The other alternative would had been to look for lee on the north side of the island but after 6 days at sea we were all looking for getting ashore so when we heard from a Norwegian boat in the harbour that the approach would be no problem we were all happy. The sea outside the harbour was really not as bad as we thought so it was no problem and when we got inside the piers we were warmly welcomed with flags and waving’s from persons that Maria and Sofia have met in earlier harbours.
So we have now safely arrived to Porto Santo where we will stay for a few days before continuing to Madeira. /Boat Bunny

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