Exploring La Palma

Exploring La Palma, the most northwesterly island of the Canary Islands, is best done by car so yesterday we rented a car and drove around the island. The volcanic island has plenty to offer. We started the day by driving up the highest mountain, Los Muchachos, 2,423 m. Our rental car, a little citroen had a little hard time getting there but finally, after almost having run out of fuel we arrived above the clouds. It is an amazing feeling walking in mountains in total silence. After lunch at a local restaurant where Marcus and I dared to try the rabbit (which tasted ok, but we think it could have been made little better and then more tasty), we had enough energy to go for a hiking tour in Caldera de Taburienta, a national park in the middle of the island. I am a true hiking fan, I have been hiking a lot back in the days, especially with the Swedish Guide and Scout Association, so hiking in the national park was totally in my taste! The volcanic island La Palma certainly has much to offer, I can gladly recommend you a visit if you are planning a vacction to the Canary Islands. However, it is time for us to leave, our Boat Bunny has got a plane catch. In an hour we are off to the southern parts of Tenerife, namely the little village Las Galletas where we will leave our dear Boat Bunny who is going back home on Sunday. /First Mate

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