Crashing a Four-Wheeler

Today we have had lots of cross-country fun on Porto Santo! We rented four-wheelers this morning and have been driving around the beautiful island all day long together with the family on the Norwegian boat Escape. Driving four-wheelers is so much fun, however, it can be quite dangerous, something I experienced when I crashed one of the wheelers and fell head over heels. What could have been much more serious luckily just ended up in some small scratches on me and some adjustments of the front wheels. I could easily have hurt myself pretty bad in the crash and the four-wheel reparation costs could have cost me a fortune so I am more than happy being fully insured by the insurance company Europeiska. After the crash I was little shaky, but the best medicine is to jump up on the vehicle again and respect it but not be afraid of it and so I did. The six of us rented three four-wheelers and took turns in driving. Up one mountain we drove and down another and when the cross-country wheelers couldn’t take us any further up we climbed the rest and got wonderful views over the island and its surroundings. When you see the picture of Maria and Tom waving on one of the tops you might get a feeling of how high up we actually were. When climbing down we kept asking ourselves why climbing uphill always tend to be so much easier than getting down. /First Mate

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  1. Bodil Says:

    Roligt att se att ni trivs, men för allt i världen, var försiktig Sofia!

    Hälsningar moster Bodil

  2. mamma Eva Says:

    Sofia,du har glömt körkortet hemma.Ivanssonsläkten hälsar.