Scandinavian gathering on Madeira

We left Porto Santo the day before yesterday and our plan was to reach Funchal on Madeira. However, as you all know by now, sailing plans tend to change. We didn’t make it all the way to Funchal that day but got a nice little stop over at Baia de Abra (but since the name is little hard to remember one of the Norwegian kids have come up with a new name, “Abrakadabra”). We anchored outside the “Abrakadabra” bay and yesterday we had a relaxing morning and afternoon in the beautiful bay before we set sail towards Funchal. We arrived yesterday evening and met our old friends from Johanna and Time Out. Now five Scandinavian boats are lying next to each other in the marina: Time Out, Johanna, Escape, Cantare and Ing, so much fun! Today I have been on the beach playing Frisbee while Maria and Marcus have been on a sledding tour. After a day on the beach you tend to bring most of the sand with you and getting sand onboard is not fun. So afterwards we all used the water hose on the pontoon and got freshen up. Madeira has lots to offer so we will stay at least until this coming weekend. Tomorrow we are going to rent a car and travel around the island, and I promise you all to be very careful when driving…:-)

PS. I have written a little summary of our last month’s adventure on the insurance company Europeiska’s blog, you find the story here. DS /First Mate

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