Sailing with good Fishing Luck

Position: N 33° 04' W 13° 46'

Tjooohooooooo! Today we have finally been able to set sail and not being forced to lower the them the next minute. Not having to listen to old engine Yanmar is absolutely great! But the very best part of the sailing story is the fact that it is our wind vane that is doing the steering, we are released from the wheel at last, wonderful! When you do not need to be physically bounded to the wheel, you can do other things on your watch, like baking for example. After all, today it is the day of the cinnamon bun and I wanted o celebrate it a little bit. However, the baking did not result in cinnamon buns, but in a fruit pie containing cinnamon. Sometimes you have to make compromises! Then there is another story of the day, the fishing story. Recently, we have had such a bad luck in fishing but today the fishes realised the beauty of our new hook and swallowed it, not only one fish but 3 similar fishes! Due to lack of true Atlantic fishing experience and lack of a good book about fish species, we have not really been able to make up our minds about what kind of fishes we have caught. However, one thing is for sure, we are going to have a nice fish dinner tomorrow! /First Mate

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