Sailing again

Position: N 029° 16' W 017° 10'

I love to turn off the engine and hear the sound of the wind and the waves as Cantare starts to move forward due to the pressure in the sails. It's a great feeling, and it's even better when the sun is shining and the water is deep blue. Yesterday the wind was excellent, about 7 m/s from the north. This morning it was a bit weak but we kept the sails up, settled not to use the engine, it paid off, the wind has now increased again and we are doing good speed towards Santa Cruz, capital of La Palma. We will probably be there sometime tonight or early tomorrow. The harbour should be easy to enter during the night so we will go in whatever time it is. Might get some disapproval from the authorities though, they like yachts to enter during office time, at least according to the pilot book. Let's see what it's like in reality. Yesterday evening we caught another mini tuna, he was beautiful, he's in the fridge right now and I have been planning what do with him the whole morning. But I would like to get one more before I start making dinner, one is not enough for the three of us. Sadly my fishing rod's reel is not working correctly, but I have solved the problem temporarily. Maybe I'll send the reel to Sweden with Marcus to get it fixed, it was a birthday present from my sister and her boyfriend so it's almost new and should be working. When we get to the Canaries it's time to fix all those small things that's not working. On Thursday it's no more than a month left until we depart Las Palmas for the big Atlantic crossing. Exciting and a bit frightening! It will be great to get our third crew member Emelie aboard in Las Palmas, she will join us on the 11th of November. Marcus is about to leave us soon, he has booked a flight from Tenerife next Sunday. It will be sad to loose his company. But it's time to relax and prepare before the ARC parties start, and that will probably be done better with only the two of us aboard. We will cruise the western islands while our Norwegian and Danish friends cruise the eastern, then we will reunite in Las Palmas for a big party. / The Captain

P.S We caught another fish a few minutes ago, a Dourado!, bright yellow and bigger than our mini tunas, but when we tried to lift him aboard he got loose and swam away, lucky him. D.S

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  1. Catrine Says:

    What!? Funkar inte fiskespöet? Är det rullen som meckar? Där är minst ett års garanti på den så om du skickar hem den med Marcus kan jag reklamera. Kanske att det hinner fixas innan mamma o pappa åker ner också så kan ni få tillbaka den innan atlant-överfarten! Kram!/lillasyster Catrine

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Duktiga fiskare! Njuter av o följa er här på bloggen, längtar till reunion!
    Puss cissi