Champagne , half-way!

Position: N 34° 03' W 11° 32'

It's time to celebrate, we have made it half-way to Porto Santo. A small bottle of champagne has been cooled in the fridge for the occasion. Today, our third day at sea, we have been able to sail. Turning of the engine is nice, and the silence (except for the sound of waves and sails) is fantastic. Sadly the wind died after a while, and old Yanmar is doing his job again. If you have checked our positions you might have noticed that we are heading a bit more south than a direct course would take us. That's because there are southerly winds west of us. In an attempt to avoid having them against us we are going on a course of 210 degrees. When we get further down, about 40 nm left now, we will change course and go westwards towards Porto Santo. Hopefully this decision will make it possible for us to sail the last two days, without having to beat up. It makes the journey about 75 nm longer, but what does that matter when the sun is shining and the water has a temperature of 25 degrees? Life is good! /The Captain

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