Hello, my name is Boat Bunny

Position: N 35° 32' W 10° 35'

It´s always nice to make plans and have dreams come true. This is one of them, crossing a big sea in a sailing boat. Me and Maria were talking and dreaming about longer sailing trips in an own boat already in high school. When I first heard about Maria and Sofia's planed trip I got both happy for them and jealous. Therefore it feels nice to be able to at least take part of one or maybe two legs of their around the Atlantic journey. It has been two days since I got onboard and even if it's a new boat and new routines for me everything works just fine. I have been very nice taken care of and introduced to everything between the safety round to were to find the rice aboard. I have crossed the Atlantic ocean four times before on a bigger vessel and every time I have asked my self how it would be to do the same thing in a small sailing boat. We have not yet crossed all the way over to the Caribbean but some answers I've got all ready. Being on a small boat gives you a total different view of the sea. You are closer to everything, the dolphins that came playing last night even scared me a little when they started playing just beside me. The biggest different I experienced just a few moments ago when we saw a big group of whales not to far away from the boat. Maria steered closer to them and turned of the engine. To sit there in total silence and listening to the whales breathing felt unreal, one of the more beautiful thing I've ever experienced. This feeling of nature I guess is the different.

We are proceeding towards Porto Santo and hopefully we will have some wind soon so we can set sails. /Boat Bunny

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  1. mamma Eva Says:

    Lycka till med flickorna,Boat Bunny.