Santa Cruz de La Palma

We could see the island, La Palma, many hours before we arrived, the highest top is about 2500 m. We prepared ourselves for the acceleration zone that is a known phenomena around the Canaries. The wind can increase with up to 15 knots in a few minutes, therefore we took a reef in the mainsail. But as it got darker around us the wind died away and in the end we had to start the engine when we had about 5 nm left. Inside the breakwater we found a ferry harbour and felt a bit lost. We continued into the inner corner where it according to our pilot book was supposed to be a newly built marina. When we got closer we could make out the gap and the lights showing us the way in. The marina was ghostlike, almost no yachts in a very new and rather big marina surrounded by construction sites. We moored along a reception pontoon and had a cup of tea before we went to bed around 01.00 am. Before breakfast today we went to the marina office, housed in a barrack, and checked in. No problem at all, they didn't say anything about our arrival outside office hours. The price here is alright (14 euros), water, electricity and Wifi is included. This afternoon Marcus and I have been strolling around in the picturesque city centre, of course with a beer stop, while Sofia has been doing some power walking. Santa Cruz de La Palma seems to be a very nice and quiet city without the massive tourist invasion typical for the Canaries. So far no one has tried to speak Swedish with me to lure me into a restaurant and that's a very good sign. / The Captain

New pictures from Madeira and Ilhas Selvagens uploaded, you find them here.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Congrats. Think a little while - its cold up here. Eva

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Enjoy the pool at the yacht club! We'll be there next week sometime. John and Ann. Moonlight