Time to say goodbye

I can’t believe how fast 3 whole months can pass by! My vacation and sailing adventure is coming to an end tomorrow when I’m flying back to Sweden but it feels like I’ve only just started it. In the beginning of my trip I weren’t that keen on talking about boat stuff and didn’t have so much sailing experience of my own to brag about… but now… now I call myself a hardcore sailor! 30 days on the Atlantic and the last weak eating only cold canned food… well that’s a story I like to tell. And it’s nice to have seen so many places as well. Sailing is a great way of travelling!

During this last weak here in the Azores we have had a really nice time. We hired a car together with Alan and Tom, drove around and saw some of the splendid nature of the island. We have been eating and drinking at Peter's Sport Café. Welcomed Silverbeer and Ranja and had a nice little party with them. Had Miriam and Martin over for a cosy dinner in Cantare. Been over at Ranja for another tasty dinner. Painted on the dock. Written our names on a Swedish flag which we hanged in Peter's. Cleaned and fixed some things on Cantare. And a lot more that I can’t remember now but that has made the time fly by.

Dad arrived yesterday evening and we welcomed him with hugs and a bottle of Vino Verde. We took him to Peter’s which he had been longing to visit and had dinner there together with Starfire (Alan & Tom), Ranja (Miriam & Martin) and Silverbeer (Ray, Tony, Duncan & Ash). After the dinner we all went to another place and continued the night with some more drinking. It became a late night and me and dad went to bed at about 4 am I think. Maria continued on for I don’t know how long.

Well tonight we took it a little bit easier. We had dinner at our favourite restaurant together with Miriam and Martin. It was that place were you get a warm stone in front of you and some raw meat and fish to put on it. The first time we went there me and Maria had really big problems with eating it all (after the Atlantic crossing we had reduced the size of our stomachs) but this time it all went down just fine. With a desert!


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