Pub Crawl in Dublin

Yesterday evening after having settled in the marina we all went out to for some traditional Irish food and drinks to celebrate our arrival in Dublin. The rain was pouring down, sort of typical for this latitudes and dress code nowadays is wellingtons and sail jacket. All of us have been thinking about turning and set sail towards the warm Carribean again… We had a very nice evening together and the live music was great! But I must say that I’m neither a Guinness fan, nor very keen on the Irish Coffe, I prefer the lighter beers.

Today we finally find a laundry, I haven’t washed since Cuba and is starting to run out of clean clothes. Lars, Nico, Cecilie and I looked like true bag ladies when carrying our dirty belongings half round Dublin before finding the laundry. Besides laundry I have started to get to know Dublin today. Very hard to understand the Dubliners, their English is very unique and I found myself constantly asking please, say again. Haven’t met that very many true Dubliners yet though, it is a very multicultural city and to quote a taxi driver when I asked him how many inhabitants Dublin have: Around 1 million but 2 million if you count the illegal workforce. Tomorrow the Dublin sightseeing will continue!

Before I’m off to bed just a little eye opener, today a guy who single-handed had sailed non stop from Australia arrived in our marina…took him 101 days or was it 105…anyway our 30 days from Cuba to the Azores now feels little lame =) I didn’t meet him though, he left again before I got home, don’t now where, probably off to sea.

Nighty night! /First Mate Sofia

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