Day 5 - Envious?

Position: N 43° 42' W 021° 14' UTC 1200

Nautical miles left: 774

I don't have a lot to write today. Dad is actually behaving very well, he has even managed to turn the plotter into night mode without losing all the route data. The only annoying thing with him today is that he's reading a book about a Swedish couple who sail a Halberg-Rassy 62 around the world and he keeps telling me about everything they have on the yacht. The last comment he made was that they have three bathrooms and think that is the perfect amount, one each and one extra for wet clothes. But that's alright today since the sun is shining and we don't have any wet clothes hanging all over the saloon for the moment. Although most of the yacht is rather damp again we have managed to keep the lee bunk dry, one of us is usually sleeping in it, warming it with our body heat. I have also taught dad the trick with wet socks, just keep them on when going to sleep and if you're lucky they are dry when you wake up. I'm not at all envious of the Swedish couple who made all meals before their crossings and froze them in their freezer, I like to balance around in Cantare with knifes and hot water. Life onboard Cantare is great! / The Captain

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    If you have everigthing on board as home some of the fun is lost. But if you really want to have 3 bathroom, frezer, cabin each and so on, where is the fealing with the element, and the fun to share the boat, you may even losing your companyan in one off the room, and never se him/her agin before haboard entrance, what fun is that.
    No I share you life on simpel Cantare, and let your dad read his book and dream alone. He can you just buy one for him self.

    a friend

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I think that everyone will be happy in different ways. But one thing keeps us together: Boating!
    Small boats are better some times and bigger boats other times. It’s depends on the moment.
    One thing I find peculiar is that when I am at sea, even to do the dishes make sense. It newer happens at home :-).
    You can always tell your dad to read some books from Sven Yrvind if his plans seemes to groove too much.
    Best wishes! /Kent