Skagen, Denmark

57 43.1 N 010 35.30 E, Position 0800 UTC, Skagen Denmark
Haha, even though I been talking about how we just passed east of the Meridian of Greenwich I just noticed I forgot to change the latitude to east in the last position updates, haha, I guess I am too used to be on the west side... Anyhow, just arrived to Skagen, Denmark after 3 days and nights on the North Sea. Now we heading up to town for some real Danish beer and later a much longed for shower. We will continue towards Norway and Fredrikstad later tonight and sail the 85nm during the night and with good margin arrive in Fredrikstad tomorrow afternoon, the home of Safari!
PS. The Norwegian sailors are EVERYWHERE! The little marina of Skagen is covered by Norwegian sail yachts, I can count at least 15, and so far I have only seen 2 Swedish yachts... :-(
Have a very nice weekend and Midsummer Eve! This year I will celebrate Midsummer on Saturday in the Norwegian archipelago, som much looking forward to it even though I will miss my traditional Midsummer party in Båstad Sweden (a special greeting to the host and hostess, Sebastian and Louise, puss!)!
Lots of Love!/First Mate Sofia

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