My wife and I

In order to avoid an unnecessary divorce, my wife and I have decided to take
some time apart. Living together for almost 11 months now on a 9,33m x2,78m
area with no where else to go except to maybe go for a swim has caused some
minor boat marriage problems. But please don't worry, even though we will go
back together in a couple of weeks we are perfectly straight, and available!
I hope you have heard the expression "one guy in each new harbor"… and by
that I will stop joking and be a little bit serious. :-) Maria and I are
two very strong individuals. There is reason why it was the two of us that
actually got our asses off university/work and took off on this amazing
adventure. We are ambitious and want things in life and work hard to get
where we want. As I always tend to say, I aim for the stars and hopefully I
will land somewhere among the clouds. Even if a lot of you don't know us in
person you might have noticed through our blogging that we are two unique
persons with very different personalities. We want different things in life
and we have different ways of achieving what we want. Two strong wills with
different ways of seeing things do not equal for ever on a tiny 31 footer.
(Neither on a 100-footer I think).

Even if the idea of leaving Cantare for a little while was figured after an
angry argumentation where the skipper's blood sugar level was down on the
sea bottom and we were 2 days from Horta, we later talked it through and
decided this would be the best way to recharge the batteries and get some
personal space. To put it in boat terms, we were about to go under 12volt,
in desperately need to recharge and reach 13,9V again! Go see a shrink? A
psychotherapist specialized in boat marriage? No, not really an option, but
to be able to remember this Sailing Cantare year as the best year ever
getting away from each other was crucial. Are we giving up? Absolutely
not!!!! I will go back home to Cantare, we will finish in Høganæs together
and Maria and I are, as I said, still married. We invited Maria's father,
who's been eager to sail his Cantare again, to come sail with us long time
ago. So you can skip all potential thoughts about me leaving the Captain on
her own to England, no way! Deckhand Anders will arrive on Fri to Horta, but
if there would happen to be any problems on the way, I will fly from Dublin
back to the Azores to do another delivery, to sail with Maria to the Azores.

After 30 days at sea, coming ashore was wonderful but it also turned out to
be the most intense 52 hours in a very long time, haha, almost like being
back in my old life, constantly on the cell phone running back and fore to
sort things out. As you have already heard we arrived on the Thursday 1400
UTC. Then it turned out to be a very fun but hard night…waking up the next
morning (lunch hour) I was told the Norwegian boats had to leave as early as
possible the coming day due to the weather forecast, around 0600 UTC.
Ahhhhh, shit, at least I had finished something on my list of what to do on
the Azores: a 200% night at Peter's Café Sport. But then there were some
other things on the list, like washing my sweaty, dirty clothes, go though
and reply to my hundreds of unread mails (sorry guys, I will try to take
care of it in Dublin), pack, say good bye to my lovely Cantare girls,
shower, have time for a little catch up with friends who just arrived, a
last gin & tonic at Peter's and send flowers to mum for mother's day. I
managed everything except the laundry and some emails! The sleep was sort of
reduced though, 5 hours in 60 hours, but sleep you can either do on your
free watch or in your grave.

So, for those of you who haven't figured yet, I am not in the Azores
anymore. Last Sat 06.00 UTC I left with the Norwegian yacht Odin. It is a
45,2 foot X-yacht from 1988 and just to give you a little tease, she sails
great and my bunk is bigger than our fore peak on Cantare... Odin also did
the ARC and we first met them in Porto Santo and it is also the yacht I
helped babysitting one night in Antigua. Odin consisting of Lars, Hella and
their two kids; Nicolay turning 11 and Anna-Luna turning 6, is also doing a
one year cruise and is now on it's way home. Hella and Anna-Luna are at the
moment in Norway and onboard heading for Dublin are Lars, Nicolay, myself
and a new crew named Kjetil. Odin and Cantare sort of saved each other,
Skipper Lars had desperately tried to get more people to join him but not
succeed, only two adults sailing Odin is a bit too little, so when I sent
out my mail asking if some of the Norwegian boats would want me I
immediately got several replies. So here we are together with Safari and
MaggyV on our way to Dublin. However, at the moment it looks like we are
heading back in to the Bay of Biscay again since we have to go east for a
while to avoid a big low west of us. It is a wonderful experience sailing
other yachts and especially larger, faster ones in which I can stand up tall
cooking dinner and not loose my balance behind the huge helm. I was so
fascinated my first night watch the other night about how Odin did 8-9 knots
with 3 reef in the main and 4 reef in the genoa in 14m/s. Amazing! It is
also fun sail together with other yachts, a sort of mini regatta where we
trig each other to gain speed and have fun quiz on the VHF. Skipper Lars
likes racing, so do I and I am definitely on the right yacht, a X-yacht! We
will do our best to win the mini regatta to Dublin. I will tell you more
about my experiences on this little side adventure of mine asap. I will blog
as often as I can and until we reach Dublin, Maria will post my position on See it this way dear readers, now you will get two
adventures in one to follow!

Love from First Mate Sofia, now temporarily onboard Odin.

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  1. mamma Eva Says:

    Sofia,tack för blommorna.

  2. peter Says:

    Vad gulliga ni är som delar med er med så mycket info till oss kunskapstörstande som vill veta allt om er resa. Kul att vi kan följa bägge båtarna, då har vi ju ännu mera att se fram imot. Inser att det kommer bli ganska tomt på nätet efter 10/7, kan ni inte ta en tripp till? Så vi får mera levande och underbara berättelser även nästa vinter.
    Sköt om er! Ni är bäst.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Låter härligt med seglingen mot Irland, verkar vara betydligt mer av de större "fiskarna" på den nordligare turen över Atlanten. Vi märkte även av detta när vi seglade runt Skottland 2006.

    Tycker ni har gjort en enastående prestation med att bo så länga tillsammans i ett så litet utrymme. Lycka till med ert nya arrangemang, men missa Azorerna efter 30 dagar, låter riktigt tufft.

    Får snart en 4 veckors semester segling i Stockholm skärgård, blir skönt, då man får abstinens av att läsa om era äventyr, MAN VILL JU BARA UT PÅ HAVET DÅ!

    Seglar Hälsn //Robin, S/Y Tangaroa