Day 2 - Last Atlantic Crossing

Position: N 40° 18' W 027° 08' UTC 1200

Nautical miles left: 1107

Total nautical miles: 1230

Yesterday Catrine took a cab to the airport at 9 am, dad and I waved goodbye and went over to Peter's to leave a message for Escape. Then it was time for the last preparations, we filled the water tank and secured everything. Martin and Miriam (Ranja) came over, we talked for a while and hugged each other, I will not see them again since they are going into the Mediterranean. It felt a bit sad to leave Horta, since most of the yachts go different ways from there. But, I have decided to go to Falmouth, as will Starfire and Silverbear. Although they got restless and left Saturday evening, we are not that far behind. From Falmouth we go together to Fowey on the 19th, when there will be a big homecoming party for Starfire, Emelie will fly in of course. I really look forward to go to Fowey together with Starfire to celebrate Alan's Atlantic circuit. Alan will then fly to Sweden and be in Höganäs when Cantare returns with all four girls onboard again. I nice ending to the start of a good friendship.

When I first mentioned to my dad that it would be nice if he joined me and Sofia on this last Atlantic crossing I told him it was about 1000 nm. I knew that it is a bit longer but it was better not to tell him. He brought with him a new plotter with three years warranty, it is the same make as the old one but a newer version. It seems to be much better. I made a route from Horta to Falmouth and the distance we have to sail is 1230 nm. Dad took it alright, the other sailors had already hinted that it was a bit longer than 1000 nm.

We left Horta in sunshine and had a very easy going first day at sea. I made the food, dad liked it even though there was not as much meat in it as he usually prefers. In the end he seemed a bit surprised that vegetables could taste that good. I thought about how he would have liked our tin diet, fresh food is a luxury that should not be taken for granted.

It is a bit different to be double handed again. Most of the time is spend either on watch or sleeping. Tonight I was awoken after only 3,5 hours of sleep to get back out in the cockpit for another 4 hours of watch. The 8 hours of continues sleep on the last crossing is just a sweet memory. But I will get used to it, and with only two persons aboard Cantare feels huge. Catrine left some of her warm clothes so now it is easier to keep warm and the new duvets make the few hours of sleep a greater pleasure. Dad haven't been seasick so far and is very pleased with himself. He has been sleeping inside tonight which is a progress since his visit in the Caribbean.

We are doing good speed, over 5 knots, right now we are going a bit more north than the direct route because we will soon get wind from the north and we don't want to be pushed too far east. I don't want to end up in the Bay of Biscay if we get strong winds. / The Captain

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